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Présentation de l’IR4M

, by  Rose-Marie Dubuisson

Welcome to IR4M !
IR4M is a Paris Sud University and CNRS laboratory supervised by Luc Darrasse and Nathalie Lassau (assistant manager).
The lab is carrying out technological research activities in biomedical imaging at the interface between Physics, Computer sciences, Chemistry, Biology and Medicine. The lab focusses its activities on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), which is combined to Ultrasound and Optical imaging modalities in an integrative and translational perspective.
The lab is made of three multidisciplinary research teams: (1) Methodological and instrumental developments, (2) Structure and function, (3) Multimodal imaging in oncology. It relies on an imaging platform proposing a wide range of imaging machines dedicated to human and small animal.
The IR4M lab is located in the Orsay Campus, in Orsay Hospital (SHFJ), in Gustave Roussy (Villejuif) and in the Bicêtre Hospital, so as to develop interactions between scientific research and medical applications.

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